Independence Time

Visit your secondary school’s website and read up all about your new school! What are you most excited about? What are you feeling worried about? Post your comments on the blog!

Programmes for the play

Please design a programme for the play on google docs or by hand (use crayon not felt tip or gel pens!)

You must include the following information:

  • Front cover – with an exciting picture and the title
  • Brief description of the play (make it sound really interesting!)
  • Running order of the songs
    • Sherwood Forest
    • Helping Hand
    • Men in Tights
    • He will be a hero
    • If we all work together
    • Singing all over the world
  • The lead roles

These programmes will be on chairs for the audience to read when they arrive, so make sure it’s professional and well presented! Only the best will be selected! 





The EU Referendum – What’s it all about?

On Thursday, you will not be in school because of the EU Referendum.


On Wednesday morning, we will be learning all about this and looking at reasons why some people believe we should leave the EU (European Union) and others believe we should stay. We will hold our own debate and finish off with a class vote. Use the links below to help prepare for the lesson by reading a little bit about it!

Newsround – All you need to know in 60 seconds

CBBC – About the EU

First News – Should we stay or should we go?